Anti-Trump protestors are nothing but posers. I am sure that most of the leaders of the protest movements that will be taking place on inauguration day are legit, but as for the masses, they’re losers. SORE LOSERS! As libertarians we all know why these phonies will be out in streets waving their signs made out of material bought from billion dollar retail stores. It’s not because they hate big corporations, or that they hate the drug war, or that they hate all the drone bombings and military conflicts.

It’s because of IDENTITY POLITICS!

These people have no principle. It’s simply my team vs your team.

We all know that once you brush away the thin veil of minor differences between the two parties they are nearly one in the same.

It is so frustrating to see subjects that many of us hold as extremely important issues used as leverage so that their team can be the team screwing up all the important issues. Before Obama was in office and Bush was in the White House all you heard about was terrible war atrocities and scandals on the news. Anti-war activists were a dime a dozen back then. Now, all you hear from the left is pro-war propaganda. Specifically with Russia.

This is what identity politics gets you.

Yes, it will be nice to see leftists back on our side if Trump does escalate tensions with Russia and other countries. (Because that’s literally all it will take for them to jump ship back to the anti-war side.)

But, I think as libertarians we need to be the principled rational societal leaders that we are and call out the frauds and fakes. They are not our allies. They will stab us in the back as soon as they get the chance.

We also need to be wary of overly defending Trump. Though, leftists will call us alt-right or Trump supporters just for simply pointing out that news reports are flat out lying about the man.

That is because they don’t understand principle.

In my personal opinion the left are more dangerous than the right. But like I said before, they are more alike than different.