A few days ago Tucker Carlson had Senator Lindsey Graham on his show (Tucker Carlson Tonight) for an interview and it was a great insight into the mind of this man. Within the first minute of the interview Graham calls Obama’s inaction in Syria a mistake. He implies Obama took no action out of weakness in his leadership. When in reality it was the voice of the American public which influenced Obama’s decision. Graham seems to either have forgotten or just does not care about the fact that the U.S. has been at war and involved in several other conflicts for the last 15 years.

Around the second minute of the interview he claims that political parties are the backbone of democracy.


I’m not even going to try and take on that convoluted statement. Also, why do so many politicians keep referring to our system of government as a democracy? If you’re going to work in government, then you should probably understand and at the very least know what system of government in which you work.

Anyway, he goes on about how Russia needs “slapped in the face” for the hacking of the DNC and RNC. Then he also admits that this is a common practice among many countries, including the U.S.

So, should the U.S. expect countries they hack and spy on to put troops on their borders and sanctions on them? I wish that would have been a point Tucker made. However, Tucker does do a great job at pointing out the double standard of how we treat China in regards of hacking and territory expansion.

Also, Obama has been anything but a ‘dove’ on foreign policy. Not that I’m trying to defend that, but it’s the truth. Osama Bin Laden was taken out under his administration. The mission was carried out on sovereign Pakistani soil supposedly without their government’s knowledge. We are still in Afghanistan; not to mention all the drone bombing missions that have taken place in several countries and without (to my knowledge) congressional approval. One of these missions killing a U.S. citizen without any sort of due process. This is anything but a weak foreign policy.

Graham says Obama threw a pebble at Russia and he wants to throw a rock. When Tucker brings up the double standard with China and the question of putting troops on their border and sanctions of them this nut says enthusiastically, “Count me in!”

And I don’t just call this guy a nut because of his aggressive foreign policy views, but he gives the creepiest smile just before the five minute mark. He does this after finishing his point on deathly serious issues, like the decaying relationship of the U.S. with Russia and China.

Tucker then brings up the possibility of his 19 year old son having to fight and maybe even die to protect the sovereignty of the Ukraine. Graham tries to justify the possibility of Tucker’s son dying for the Ukraine with poorly thought out fear mongering by saying, “The last time we let a county start gobbling up European countries we had World War Two.”

I just have to say as Donald Trump would say.


I’m pretty sure the extremely one-sided deal and harsh treatment of Germany after World War One had more to do with the rise of Hitler and the start of World War Two. Another point I wish Tucker would have brought up is that the when the Allied powers tried to stop one European country from taking over other European countries was, in fact, World War Two and it resulted in the horrific devastation that nearly every country in Europe felt.

Also, if Graham thinks Russia taking power of these countries is so bad, why did the U.S. not try and free them when they were under Soviet control back when the Russian government was 100 times more of a threat than the current regime? As far as I know the U.S. never made such a fuss for Ukraine. In fact I believe that we let the Soviets have it in the deal we made after World War Two!

Graham then has the nerve to say, “I don’t want to live in a world where somebody can take from another just because they can. I don’t want to live in a world where people who want to be free are oppressed and kicked around by bullies.”

Again I say, WHAT?!

Excuse me, Sir, but your job literally depends on those very things in order to exist!

Wow! Not only is he nuts, but stupid as well! Maybe that is why he doesn’t understand the difference between a democracy and a republic.

He then goes on to talk about wanting “Syrians to know that America is their friend. Not their enemy.”

Well, after destroying their neighboring country (Iraq) and destabilizing the entire Middle-East, I think the ship has sailed on trying to convince any Middle-Easterner that the U.S. government is their friend.

Graham tries to imply that it would be bad for the U.S. if the Iranians had their ‘puppet’ (Assad) in power. However, Tucker then explains to him that the Assads have been in power for the last 50 years and things have been peaceful. For the most part that is true.

Thankfully Tucker is not as much of an idiot as many other news hosts and pundits. As a matter of fact, I’m actually quite impressed with him lately.

Graham then (once again) blamed Obama for the mismanagement of the Arab Spring. Does this guy think the Obama’s position was President of the World and not President of the United States of America?

Yes… Yes, he does. As he stated earlier in the interview “world order means a lot” to him.

And he thinks he knows how to make order of over 7 Billion people.

The arrogance..

The interview is posted below if you would like to watch.

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