I was listening to the Jason Stapleton Program the other day, as I do almost every day,  and I found myself in agreement with him. Like I usually do. I was agreeing with his criticism of the Libertarian Party official's description of military service members on his Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/arvin.vohra.9/posts/1511726878858800

What Jason basically said was that the LP is cutting themselves off of loyal advocates of liberty. 

I could not agree more.

Being a former memeber of the military, I often found myself running into liberty minded men and women in the military more than I ever have outside of it in civilian life.

With or without my anecdote their is still evidence to support my and Jason's sentiments.

For example, not only have military members supported Ron Paul and Gary Johnson more than other candidates (financially anyway), but they seem to be the only government employees that take their oath to the constitution serious.

While legislators and executive branch members trample and ignore the constitution daily, men and women in uniform are some of the most harsh critics of these oath breakers in office. If you dont believe me join the ranks with these "baby killers" and find out for yourself.

As I mentioned before and as Jason mentioned in his podcast, the proof is in the pudding. Service members overwhelmingly support the candidate that follows the constitution the most. Even though Gary barely mentioned the document or the military in his campaign, service members still understood the LP(Libertarian Party) platform of maximum liberty.

They got all that support without even pandering to the military! Ron Paul didn't even pander to the military much. Though, I believe he understood the importance of their support more than Gary Johnson.

Now, imagine if the LP or a Ron Paulesque republican candidate outright pandered to the military!

The left doesn't need to pander to the military. They basically have every other aspect of government and their agencies they can pander to in order to get votes. They can make unrealistic promises on education, health and safety, and welfare through financing the Dept of Education, FDA, entitlements, etc...

It is a vital strategy for the left.

On the other hand..

 The right has had the military and police communties and those sympathetic to these occupations to which to pander. Unfortunately, the republicans of this country have exploited and abused our police forces and military forces.

I believe this is an amazing opportunity for libertarians and libertarian republicans to point out the flaws of the right.


But we don't do it by insulting their intelligence or their motives. Which is how I percieved the Vice Chair's facebook post. https://m.facebook.com/arvin.vohra.9/posts/1511726878858800

And we definitely don't do it in the typical republican form. We do it in the libertarian form of liberty and justice.

Explaining that we want them to be succesful in defending the constitution and liberty. Explaining that we will not endanger their lives for the profit of politicians and corporations who have their lobbyists LOBBYING FOR WAR!

We must explain to them how their support of candidates who wish them to arrest non violent "criminals" are destroying the very concepts they have taken an oath to defend.

We must explain to them that they should not be so enthusiastic to carry out regime change of tyrants overseas for tyrants here at home.

We must pander to these communities who have a skewed view of what liberty is. Because their view is skewed, but they (for the most part I believe) revere and romantaicize the idea.

The party of liberty is THEIR party!

They just don't know it yet..

And those who support men and women in uniform will follow their lead towards liberty.

However, we must first be willing to go out of our way to reach out and save these people from falling into the death traps their politicians have set in place.