If you think we should take care of each other, I agree. If you think we should have elected and unelected bureaucrats take care of us, I disagree.


You can't legislate a legitimate service. No govt can predict where resources should go or not go in order to bring about innovation and progress.


No, govt can predict what practices should succeed or fail.


No govt can set prices accurately.


This is why socialism and communism ultimately fail.


Health care is a service, not a right. I am sorry to tell everyone this, but you cannot escape that reality.


Services in open markets flourish the most.


Over the last couple decades the greatest uplifting of the poorest of the poor in the world have been brought out of abject poverty due to their over bearing governments freeing up their markets.

And NOBODY talks about this!

China and India are rushing out of 3rd world status at an alarming rate because they simply gave just just a little bit of freedom to their people to provide for themselves. Something that people inherently want to do, because we own ourselves.


Capitalism may not be perfect because it is freedom and free people will make mistakes. However, throughout history no other system has brought more people out of poverty or created as much wealth. The freer the markets the more prosperous and free we will be.