Today (Friday, January 20, 2017) is the BIG day! The Donald will be taking the oath to become the first president with a whole list of accolades. First president to be a billionaire. First president to have a largely successful television show. The first president to be a business mogul. Love him or hate him these are all impressive accomplishments.

So, what?

Where am I going with this?

Over the next four years the media is totally going to blow the task of properly reporting on Trump and his administration. How do I know? Look at the coverage of this last campaign. Instead of trying to coherently argue against Trump’s policies or the lack of policy details; they would just try pathetic attempts at spinning stories or completely making things up. Craziest of all, they would try and downplay his accomplishments.

The media would just skip over Trump’s accomplishments or question their legitimacy. They would laugh at the idea that America would vote for a ‘celebrity’. Though, under any other breath they would praise men like Jerry Seinfield and Larry David as geniuses for being able to start and maintain a hugely popular television show. They would try and make his accomplishments as a business man illegitimate by spouting off about Trump receiving a few million dollars from his father after his father’s death. The media has a very difficult time understanding that being a millionaire and being a billionaire are not even close to the same thing. I have a better chance of becoming a millionaire than most millionaires have at becoming billionaires. It’s not exactly an easy accomplishment.

The media will more than likely not speak to these accomplishments. However, if the man was a minority, that in itself would be considered an accomplishment by the media. Did you ever notice how impressed the media seemed to be with Obama’s previous accomplishment of teaching the constitution? Or how praising they were of his community organization efforts? But what did he actually accomplish in his life before running the empire?

The media wonders why it is, as Meryl Streep would say, “vilified.”

Let’s face it. Trump should not be the President of the United States of America.


They crap all over alternative media outlets on the internet and call them fake news while literally reporting fake news on an incredibly influential world wide platform daily!


They had the gall to do that while being serial liars themselves! As long as the story plays to their agenda we are to just take what they say as fact. Don’t question these intelligence reports. Don’t worry about the accuracy of these polls. Just watch and listen to these emotional non-objective reports.

If the media pundits aren’t happy with what is to take place today, they only have themselves to blame!