So, I have a big problem with Antifa. I believe they are fake as fuck. How in the hell are they just now going to go get out in the streets and riot now? Yes, I said RIOT. They aren’t protesting. Protesting does not consist of burning and destroying public/private property. It doesn’t consist of using physical violence against those that oppose you.

What is so maddening about it all is that they are doing this shit over people talking! WTF??!! Even when they were rioting at the inauguration they were destroying a Starbucks! They’re literally in the city that is full of property that corrupt politicians use and they destroy a Starbucks!

I’ve seen interviews and videos with these people talking about living in a police state. I’ll agree that yes, in many ways we do live in a police state. However, if you ask me about the police state I will bring up valid and verifiable stats, facts, and policies to back up my claim. They yell and scream at police officers. Nothing from the police. They destroy property. Nothing from the police. They commit acts of violence on people with opposing views. Nothing! Barely anyone has been arrested at any of these riots. Yeah, sorry if I’m not sympathizing over your oppression from the police state.

The biggest issue I have is the fact that the “fascism” they claim that is so prevalent has been going on for a long time. I mean for fucks sake where was all the outrage and rioting for all the Muslims that have been killed during Obama’s drone campaigns that have taken place in seven different Muslims countries over the last eight years?

If they were for real we wouldn’t just now be hearing from them. They support the establishment. They just support the establishment guy or gal that they want in charge. Hillary Clinton cheated in the primary race and the presidential race. Would there be outrage and riots in the street if she won? Nope. Not even from the side that didn’t want her to win. She had one of the largest roles in disrupting stability throughout the Middle East. Would there be outrage over a war criminal becoming president? Nope!

No, they’re mad because Milo fucking Yiannopoulos says stuff they don’t like. GTFOH!

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