5. Kennedy

Choosing Kennedy as a top 5 libertarian icon is a pretty controversial move on my part. But who else holds a majority of libertarian views and beliefs and has a near nightly television show on a MAJOR news network???


The left have Rachel Maddow. She’s dull, unlikeable, and not very attractive.

Kennedy used to be on MTV when MTV was freaking MTV for cryin’ out loud! She is incredibly likeable, stylish, attractive, and intelligent.

But most importantly. Like many libertarians she is PRINCIPLED!

She called out the Libertarian Party VP candidate (Bill Weld) to his face in an interview on her television show when he was in the middle of dragging the label of libertarian through the MUD!

Def. top 5 in my book!


4. Rand Paul

WHAT?! Another controversial pick?!

That’s right. Rand Paul! Now, just hear me out.

This man has the best voting record (in a libertarian sense) in the Senate ever.

Not only that, he has also held multiple 10+ hour long filibusters speaking about hot topic libertarian talking points like the PATRIOT ACT and drone bombing.

Also, he was recently seen on the Senate floor calling out all of his Republican colleagues for increasing the budget by $9,000,000,000,000…

He pointed out how Republicans, who now have a majority in the Legislative branch and a Republican in the white house, are failing to listen to their constituents by saying, “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

Let’s face it. Right now he’s the brightest beacon of liberty in Washington.. Even if his presidential campaign strategy was embarrassing. At least it wasn’t as bad as Johnson & Weld.


3. Tom Woods

Tom Woods is without a doubt a powerhouse in the libertarian community. Have you found yourself coming across a topic and don’t know what the libertarian stance on it is? You better believe that Tom Woods has already covered it for you.

And probably a while ago.. He has nearly 900 podcast episodes (and counting) that lives up to the slogan of “making you a smarter libertarian in 30 min a day.” The show runs 5 days a week and can be found on a number of podcast apps and his own website which is a cornucopia of libertarian resources.

He has written a ton of brilliantly informative books. Some of them focused on many topics including nullification. A subject both the left and right used to scoff at, but now prominent leaders on both sides discuss it seriously.


2. Judge Andrew Napolitano (Judge Nap)

How can this man not be on this list?



Judge Nap just downright gets libertarianism. He knows the Constitution better than the Constitution knows the Constitution. (Huh??) He once had a show on Fox News at primetime hours where he would constantly call out the war hawks and police state on a network that worships the military and police.

Even without his show he is still appearing on Fox News as a Legal/Constitutional expert telling all these neo-cons what the Constitution says whether they like it or not.

YouTube some of his speeches! You will not be disappointed.


1. Ron Paul

This man has changed the landscape of politics for the next several generations.

There is a reason that I run a libertarian website.

There is a reason that there is so much libertarian content on the internet.

There is a reason why libertarianism is actually a thing now.

And that reason is RON MF’ing PAUL!

I have every bit of confidence when I say that Ron Paul is the greatest and most principled politician to have ever lived.

(Forgive my drooling & D riding..)

Ron is responsible for completely shaking things up in 2008 and 2012.

He explained to the former mayor of New York City the real reason for the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

He schooled ALL the republican candidates on topics from the Federal Reserve to foreign policy often receiving large applause breaks after speaking.

He placed high in the campaign rankings while being completely ignored by both the left and right media. He routinely held massive campaign events boasting thousands of visitors while the actual nominee (Mitt Romney) could barely manage pulling in a couple hundred.

Bernie Sanders managed the same thing in the latest election cycle except Ron Paul never pandered or promised anyone a FREE LUNCH!

Sadly Ron’s age has caught up to him and he is no longer trying to destroy the corruption of Washington from the inside. He did, however, give one final speech on the house floor. His farewell speech (Watch here). Go watch it now so you can listen to the most libertarian speech that will ever be given in Washington D.C.