1.    "I define anarchist society as one where there is no legal possibility for coercive aggression against the person or property of any individual."

I picked this quote as number one because it states boldly and simply what anarchism is. It seems so simple to understand. However, because government has been injected so deep into society people think that the government and the people are one in the same. This, as we all know, is just not the case. They get confused because society and government can influence one another. The difference is that when society influences government it is usually very fast and bloody. When the government influences society it does it slowly overtime. That becomes easy for the government, since they control the education system. For whatever reason government has been teaching our children that everyone is equal. Which brings me to number two.

2.    "Equality is not in the natural order of things, and the crusade to make everyone equal in every respect (except before the law) is certain to have disastrous consequences."

Government has stirred up the meaning of words so much that when children come out of these institutions (public schools) they think fairness and equality mean the same thing or at the very least they are mutually exclusive. Except that they obviously are not. Even when it is right in front of a statist’s face while they are watching the NBA and see these giant men making millions of dollars exploiting their superior physical and athletic talent; they will still say things like “Women get $0.75 on the Dollar to men! Equal pay for equal work!” So, let’s continue with the differences between the sexes to explain further why that wage gap is inaccurate.

The men in the NBA are much bigger, faster, and stronger compared to the women in the WNBA. So, men’s games are usually much more exciting than the women’s. It’s that obvious. Also, it’s obvious that the gender that can often be found farting in their friend’s face as a joke will make for a better trash collector. A job that requires riding around town and dumping people’s stinky trash in the back of a truck. Should the female administrative assistant (secretary) receive the same pay as the trash collector who is fulfilling a very undesirable job? Unfortunately for women, many high paying jobs cater to men because men are usually just better suited for them.

Just because everybody gets the same pay doesn’t mean nobody will be losing out on the deal. The compensation will either have to come from taxes or from the revenue of the companies for which the men and women work. Both of those scenarios would have a very negative influence on the economy. Also, in order to have either of those scenarios the state would have to legislate a law and enforce the law to the fullest extent. It would be justified and who would justify it for the government…

3.    "States have always needed intellectuals to con the public into believing that its rule is wise, good, and inevitable."

The intellectuals of academia have done a number on the American public. They do so with cherry picked statistics and fear mongering. The wage gap is just one of those examples. You can find countless articles online or documentaries on Netflix that try to get you scared and angry. Angry enough that you’ll be convinced to vote for the candidate that is running on that platform and who is most assuredly being funded by some sort of lobby of that so called “cause.”

If you happen to be even the smallest bit skeptical, then you will be ostracized. Especially if you are in academia. If you don’t happen to be in academia you are still ostracized, but thankfully your income will most likely not be affected. You will just find these sort of false narratives imbedded throughout popular culture with a hefty dose of condescending remarks and insults for the apprehensive individual. You can expect to be thought of as unintelligent and of “not knowing the facts.” Even though you have probably read more books on economics and that particular subject than the person hurling insults as arguments. They have no problem hurling insults because they believe they hold the moral high ground.

4.    "It is easy to be conspicuously 'compassionate' if others are being forced to pay the cost."

These moral high riders believe they have the solution to society’s perceived ills. It usually involves using the plundered wealth of others through taxation. It can also be seen in preferential treatment programs like Affirmative Action that force places of employment and institutions to accept marginalized individuals for a job or position over a non-marginalized individual in order to meet a preset quota set by a government bureaucrat. Even if the non-marginalized individual is better suited for the job.

For those that condone these types of programs to think of themselves as being righteous is nonsensical. A world where righteousness is defined by stealing from one to give to another should only be found in episodes of the Twilight Zone. Furthermore, when the evidence is analyzed the exact opposite results that were sought after are found. For example, instead of pulling families and individuals out of poverty with welfare and subsidies they are caught in a cycle of dependency that is incredibly difficult to break.

5.    "The best way to help the poor is to slash taxes and allow savings, investment, and creation of jobs to proceed unhampered."

If the self-righteous altruists really want to help the poor they would let them keep more of their money. They should not only let the poor keep more of their money but the rich as well. Leaving more money in the market instead of tying it up in the bureaucracy of government would help everyone. Many would try and muddy the subject by suggesting that taking such radical actions would throw the economy in turmoil. That there would be no revenue to pay the government’s debt. To us, that sounds fantastic. It’s called creative destruction. As long as the markets were left open and unfettered alongside the natural rule of law, then I think history would show us that a recovery might not take as long as we all might think. I am definitely no economics expert, but I do think creative destruction is real. I also think that no other system of economics works as efficiently as free markets. That’s because I am not arrogant enough to think that any man/woman or group of men/women can accurately predict when and where resources and capital will be needed.

If you haven’t noticed by now that I have purposefully picked these quotes and put them in this sequence on purpose. It is to show that even though I expanded on all these quotes, Rothbard could very easily and coherently get his point across. Any of these five sentences could spark a wick of thought that could result in the detonation and destruction of the old decrepit structure that was built in every man and woman’s mind when they were children. Leaving space for Liberty to fill the void. That’s what I call creative destruction.